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Lt. John Fete

The original officers of the 486th 

taken in Columbia S.C. 1942

group (2).jpg
lil behind.jpg

6U - Little Bea Hind  one of the original planes


6V - Bottoms up one of the original planes

bottoms up.jpg
Ill take you home again kathleen.jpg
6k  new.png

6K - I'll take You Home Again Kathleen  Lost at Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted

Prop Wash.PNG

6C - Prop Wash, one of the original planes taken in Catania Sicily

6E Who Cares Catina Sicily 43.PNG

6E - Who Cares? Taken in Catania Sicily

6e who cares.jpg
oh happy daze.jpg

Oh Happy Daze - One of the Originals

6d cowtown avenger.jpg

6D The Cowtown Avenger Maj Hackney's Plane an original too the squadron and the first plane to fly 100 missions


Another view of 6D

sand blower.jpg

Sand Blower - This was Louis Keller - The squadron commander's plane - One of the Originals

6A Sahara Sue.jpg

6A - The original Sahara Sue 

42-32309 6B Devils Helper.jpg

6B - The original Devil's Helper


The Dottie Lay-More  an original plane

royal flush.PNG

The Royal Flush - one of the originals


Leaky Lucy at Catania, Sicily

486th camp at pompeii jan44 until erupti

The camp at the base of Pompeii January 1944- March 1944

  486th Bomb Squadron

    340th Bomb Group

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