Lt. John Fete

The original officers of the 486th 

taken in Columbia S.C. 1942

6U - Little Bea Hind  one of the original planes

6V - Bottoms up one of the original planes

6K - I'll take You Home Again Kathleen  Lost at Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted

6C - Prop Wash, one of the original planes taken in Catania Sicily

6E - Who Cares? Taken in Catania Sicily

Oh Happy Daze - One of the Originals

6D The Cowtown Avenger Maj Hackney's Plane an original too the squadron and the first plane to fly 100 missions

Another view of 6D

Sand Blower - This was Louis Keller - The squadron commander's plane - One of the Originals

6A - The original Sahara Sue 

6B - The original Devil's Helper

The Dottie Lay-More  an original plane

The Royal Flush - one of the originals

Leaky Lucy at Catania, Sicily

The camp at the base of Pompeii January 1944- March 1944

  486th Bomb Squadron

    340th Bomb Group

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