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Medenine, Tunisia
March 1943

Meanwhile the flight Echelon and the DC-3 boys had covered the distance to Medenine in a few hours and were nicely settled in that dusty hole.  They had pulled off several missions under the tutelage of the 12th Group and felt like veterans.  At Medenine we dug the first of a long series of slit trenches and tent "cellars" but never afterwards, with the possible exception of Hergla, did we find harder ground.  This being our first experience and knowing that this was  a cleared minefield, did not add any enthusiasm to our shovels.

After  getting nicely settled, the next thing was of course to move on and in the early dark of April 16th, camp was struck.  It was a bright and sunny day and fairly warm so that except for occasional thick dust, we enjoyed a Cook's Tour of the so- recently contested battle ground.  The evidence was all around us in the form of wrecked equipment, gun positions, mine fields, etc.  We hustled by the piles of mines beside the road but hoped the sappers had left none for our truck wheels to find as Limey road-hogs forced us over.

  486th Bomb Squadron

    340th Bomb Group

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