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The following page is for sharing stories about the 486th

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Tail Gunner, Nick Loveless shares the story of The Schnapps Yo-Yo which flew with the formation into a cloud bank and never came out.  The plane mysteriously disappeared

David Vendetta shares his interview with Lt Sam Shireman of the 486th, who was shot down on Sept 9th 1943 along with his crew 

Charles Huppert was one of the original members of the 486th bomb squadron.  During one of his missions he was shot down and ended up in a prisoner of war camp.  The same one made famous by the great escape.  In 2003 Lt Col. Huppert did an interview with the Veteran's History project.  The following link will take you to the library of congress web page where you will find the audio interview.  Its about an hour and a half but it is very detailed and lets you get a feel for what these guys went through.  You can click the link or copy and paste the web address.


Several years ago James Robert Mell "Bob"  did an interview for Georgia Public Broadcasting's Veterans project.  Sadly he passed away this year but his memories live on in this great video where he describes his time with the 486th on Corsica.


Joe "Spider" McCormick tells the story of his time with the 486th from late 43 until May 1944

Walter Wooten tells the story of a combat mission where they lost two planes.  This is an excellent account of a day in the life of a bomber pilot that served with the 486th. 

  486th Bomb Squadron

    340th Bomb Group

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