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San Pancrazio, Italy
15 October 1943

Except for the fact that it was a bit blacker, we simply exchanged one mud for another by our move although some people contended that San Pan mud had better sliding qualities.  San Pan came to be famous for its fine plumbing, hot showers, inexhaustible lumber pile, yellow jaundice and MUD.

The really good point scored was the fact that for the first time we were out of tents and into buildings.  It was true that some had no roofs, some no floors, others no walls but we patched and plugged .  The weather was definitely on the coolish side and cans of every kind were converted to use as stoves and stove-pipes and some weird designs there were.

We ganged up with the 321st Group for raids on Sofia and Kalamaki and struck a hot one on the second raid to the latter place.  ---th claimed 3 ME-190s and the 486th claimed another.  One 486th ship did not come back.  The mission had bucked strong winds and everybody being low or out of gas and with some mechanical damage, the landing on the return developed into a rat race.

The first Christmas packages arrived and so did our orders to move again.

  486th Bomb Squadron

    340th Bomb Group

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