The Planes of the 486th

6A Sahara Sue
   SN 43-4019
6B The Devil's Helper
        SN 43-27487

The Devil's Helper and crew just returned from a mission.  The          crew are as follows - Sgt J. Mignago, S/Sgt D. Linnabarry, Lt.                       Outlaw, Lt. J Galletin, Sgt. J. Sztyga, Cpl. H Roberts                  

                                       December 1944  

                         486th bomb squadron war diary

6C Prop Wash
 SN 43-27723

As you can see we have three different examples of nose art for 6C.  While we can't see the tail markings of Prop Wash I was told there was a 6C called Prop wash.  Anybody have any clarification.

               Catania, Sicily 1943 Back from Left to right -                          T/Sgt. Dupuy, Cpl. George Deyoung, Lt. Hendricks,       

                           S/Sgt H.G. Walters, Lt. Howard,                          

           Front Row - Lt. Parham and T/Sgt/ Max Sandmeler

                        486th Bomb Squadron War Diary      

6D   CowTown Avenger
6E Who Cares?
  SN 43-28080

                     Catania, Sicily, September 1943                          

  Cpl. Stuczyk, Lt. Duskiewicz, Lt. Ohman, Lt. Murphy,

Front Row: S/Sgt. Brown, T/Sgt. Shinn, S/Sgt Helferich.  

                   486th Bomb Squadron War Diary 

                                      February 1945

Fresh back from a mission against the brenner rail lines

Top Row lt. g.p. davis, t/sgt w.f. powers, lt. r.e. donaldson,

s/sgt j.o. soggins.  Kneeling lt. C.A. horton, lt r.f. kennedy

                                    s/sgt G.s. bogart

                       486th Bomb Squadron War Diary

This Photo was taken by Nick Loveless Tail Gunner and Mission photographer

6F San Antoneo Rose
       SN 43-27629
6G   ?
6H    ?
SN 43-4063

486th Bomb Squadron War Diary

6I  ?
6j ladies delight
SN 43-4033

6j with an escort of p-47             thunderbolts

6k i'll take you home again kathleen                                and II
                       SN 43-4061 

HEre we have the original i'll take you home again kathleen as well as I'll take you home again kathleen ii.

the first was take most likely in catania, sicily while the latter was taken at corsica. that's Lt. james mell siting in the cockpit window.

Courtesy of Bob Mell

Courtesy of Mike Laney

6l - rinky doo
  SN 43-27639

Courtesy of Nick Loveless

6m schnapps yo-yo
      SN 43-27709

From the 486th Bomb Squadron War Diary

6n the old mill
   SN 43-28073
   Sn 43-327784
6o - ?
     6p - ?
SN 43-27661

Image from the "12th over the Mediterranean"

6Q - Noah's arc
   SN 43-27784
     6r - Out of Bounds
          SN 43-27662

28 Dec 1944 Plane 6R-662

Borovnica E. Railroad Viaduct, Yugoslavia

From Left to Right - SGT Grainger Bombardier, Lt. Espy Copilot, Sgt Smith Engineer/Turret gunner, Sgt Nick Loveless Photo/Tail gunner, Sgt Carter Radio/ Waist Gunner, Lt. PAul COntino Pilot

From the Collection of Nick Lovelss

     6s - ?
SN 43-27700
     6t - ?
SN 43-27783
6u - lil bea hind ii
     SN 43-27647
6v - bottoms up i & ii
        SN 43-27900
 6w - section 8 
idiot's delight
   SN 43-35954/
   sn 327-505

From the 486th bomb squadron war diary

  SN 43-27491
         SN 43-27670

From left to right - Nick Loveless- tail gunner, Morris - Co Pilot, Michael Soltis- Pilot, K. Brown - Engineer/Turret Gunner, A. Morrow - Radio Operator. Courtesy of Nick Loveless

  486th Bomb Squadron

    340th Bomb Group

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